Water Quality

One of the main goals of the Little River Conservancy is to improve the water quality of the river. Currently, the river is highly polluted by factors such as fertilizer runoff, industrial and construction waste, and leaking septic tanks.

  • Seagrass Water Quality Monitoring Project - The Little River Conservancy has started a Citizen Science project on Experiment.com to improve water quality monitoring along the Little River. Nitrogen and phosphorus cause persistent algal blooms in the bay, but current monitoring of the waters feeding Biscayne Bay are insufficient. Two basins effecting seagrass loss will be targeted in this project, Little River and the Biscayne Canal. The goal is to expand the sensing network in an effort to help drive research, local decision making, and community action. All data will become open source.

List of Sensing Data Sites

City of Miami Stormwater Outfalls